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The immense bounty of Alaska's salmon fishery becomes perfectly evident onboard an Alaska salmon fishing charter. To most fishermen around the world a successful fishing trip is measured by the number of bites, number of hookups, or number of fish that were landed.

Alaska salmon fishing is a whole different story. Success is measured in pounds.... hundreds of pounds. This may sound like the haul of a commercial long-liner, not the catch of a six-passenger Alaska salmon charter boat. But once in a while, with the confluence of the perfect conditions, every baited hook seems to fall helplessly into the waiting mouth of a large salmon.

Salmon Charters Alaska salmon fishing can quickly turn into controlled pandemonium as hookups test the tackle's strength and the angler's determination. You need a guide who has a lifetime of experience landing huge Alaska salmon to coach you through the fight. Every fisherman dreams of the day he or she can make the pilgrimage to the fabled Alaska Fishing Mecca. Living your Alaska fishing charter dream doesn't have to wait any longer. It's more affordable than you realize. We have Alaska Fishing Charter packages to fit just about any budget.

When sport fishermen mention the best of the best, they are talking about Alaska Salmon Fishing. It's pole-busting, reel screaming, line-burning action...angler vs., heart-pounding excitement. Alaska fishing is a cut above.

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